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Floating Solar Arrays with Planet Save

Maintaining your Floating Solar Farm

Planet Save Ltd are fully insured, equipped and qualified to maintain, clean and construct Floating Solar PV (FSPV) Arrays.

Whether they are moored on calmer bodies of water, such as ponds, lakes or reservoirs or co-locations such as floating solar farms with an existing hydropower plant - all members of staff are licensed and insured boat drivers allowing us to carefully plan, manage and carry out all aspects of maintenance and operations.

We acknowledge the growth and popularity of Floating Solar Arrays worldwide - this is understandable with its design and capabilities offering many advantages – especially for areas where land suitable for ground mount solar is scarce.

Floating solar farms are created by attaching solar photovoltaic panels to a buoyant platform, which rests above the water’s surface.

For all enquiries and sub-contract work, please email the team at: or telephone: 01522 275078

View our (FSPV) work gallery here:

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