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Sustainable Energy

Ecological Services

We work with nature. We understand the land and we are passionate about providing quality, ecological contracting services to help support land owners and projects:

Ecological Fencing

Tree Services

Invasive Weed Control

We are happy to carry out weed control for our customers alternatively we can also create a weed management plan to help keep your ground weed free.


Planting Installation

We are both experienced and fully trained to supply and install new planting onto your site, following your planting plan with hedge and tree specifications.


Planting Maintenance

We can provide routine trimming recommended once per year in early Autumn to encourage growth for the following season.  We can also effectively remove perennial weeds at the base of the hedgerow during the growing season.


Wild Flower and Grassland Management

Our cutting techniques will help your wildflowers disperse their seeds more effectively , increasing year on year yields.


Installing and Maintaining Planting


The range of planting projects we can help with:

  • Farm planting schemes

  • Land reclamation sites

  • Urban landscaping schemes

  • English woodland grant schemes

  • Road improvement schemes

  • Environmental stewardship schemes

  • Carbon offset schemes


We can provide different levels of protection for plants dependent on your requirements :


  • Voles

  • Rabbits / Hares

  • Muntjac

  • Roe / Fallow / Whitetail deer

  • Even Sheep!

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