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We plant trees with every order

Planet Save will plant trees on your behalf with every trade order – further off-setting your carbon footprint. We’ll even send you a link and certificate showing you exactly where we have planted your trees, in your name and so you can share this with your customers.

Supporting the National Trust

We are working with the National Trust planting trees as part of their plan to plant 20 million trees by 2030.

When you plant a tree, this contributes to reducing emissions, as these hardy plants work hard to lock up carbon. These new trees will also open up new habitats for wildlife such as the red squirrel, the hazel dormouse, the greater spotted woodpecker and other birds like the song thrush and the red kite.

We are helping these historical, beautiful and natural places to thrive for ever, so many more people will be able to create new memories with their friends and family in leafy green spaces.

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